Oral Medicine





The Oral Medicine course is very complex. It includes any oral mucosal alterations in the oral cavity - isolated or with other symptoms - as well as the diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis as a symptom of systemic disease. The Department’s dental care performs diagnostic and therapeutic interventions both for in-, and outpatients nation-wide. 
To understand the subject, knowing oral pathology, microbiology, periodontology, internal medicine and pharmacology is a great help. This is why the course is being held in the final years of the dental training both in Hungarian and in English. Students can participate in patient care within the scope of the practice: they can assist in diagnosing patients. Assisting in diagnostic interventions taking medical history and participation in evaluating the results of diagnostic interventions and in the dental treatment by patients provides more experience for students.
As part of the education, students can participate in the scientific evaluation of risk factors of individual patient groups and draw conclusions in the framework of the scientific student work (SSS). Several research projects are currently underway with the Department. A multicentrical study (involving four universities) is being conducted, dealing with salivary diagnostics of oral tumors. Studies are being carried out on the interaction between periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis and the longitudinal study on the effects of the risk factors for precancerous lesions.


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