Biomaterials and Prosthetic Dentistry




The main objectives of the Department of Biomaterials and Prosthetic Dentistry are the introduction and education of the replacement of missing teeth and indirect tooth restorations. Among the subjects of the Department, we can mention the Dental Materials, the History of Dentistry, Esthetics in Dentistry, Praxis Management and subjects related to the preparation of fixed and removable dentures. Assisted by the dental laboratory staff, students are given the opportunity to learn the most important technical work processes. In recent years, thanks to investments effected by the Department, students can get acquainted with the steps of making dental prostheses under up-to-date circumstances. As the result of a development completed in 2012, our students can use a world-class system in practice. The CAD / CAM technology, which has become available to students in our computer laboratory, offers the possibility to practice digital impression-taking and digital prosthesis design.
This advanced technology, made up of several elements at our Faculty, enables the students to extend their knowledge by the latest skills.A number of special practices, held at the Department, provide an opportunity to meet patients allergic to various dental materials, as well as to take part in the prosthetic rehabilitation of patients following surgical treatments of tumours, facial injuries or cleft palate.In our newly established biomaterial laboratory, biodegradable, biocompatible polymers, nano systems and their derivatives are synthesized. Under the Talent Management Program, as well as the Students’ Scientific Society, students may be involved in the ongoing research work at the Department from the beginning of their studies. They can get acquainted with issues related to teeth whitening, implantology and dental materials. This knowledge is not only useful for future practical work, but in further education as a specialist, or it can serve as a foundation for PhD studies as well.

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