11 Nov
Freshers’ Balls at the University
Spectacular decorations, video projection mapping, special ball themes, oaths taken and dances performed by freshers, election of ball queens, star performers - the series of freshers’ balls is now starting.
07 Nov
Pulling an All-Nighter
Five games, twelve hours of competition time, approximately two hundred gamers, two kilometres of UTP cables – these were some of the figures by which the LAN Party of the Faculty of Information Technology could be characterized.
03 Nov
Here’s the Official Aftermovie of yoUDay
Concerts, flashmob by students, fireworks, unique light and laser show – the stadium show of the University of Debrecen provided a special experience. This was yoUDay in 2016.
18 Oct
Cooperation between the Football Club “Loki” and the University
DVSC, popularly known as “Loki”, now offers special discounts and services to members of the University of Debrecen community, who will also have a separate sector reserved for them in the stadium.
04 Oct
Come on in, so you can go out!
The international opportunities expo was enriched by 22 organisations which accept professional and foreign grants, as well as by representatives of the university and the Tempus Foundation.
03 Oct
Mobile Students
The fall semester began with informative lectures and programmes on mobility opportunities at the University of Debrecen.
28 Sep
Countdown to yoUDay
In just a few hours, Hungary’s first stadium show will start. Sneak a peak of the dress rehearsal held on Tuesday evening, and we will also show you a tiny detail of tonight’s events. Let’s experience this together, as the Day of the University is your day!
26 Sep
American delegation at the University of Debrecen
Expanding partnerships: one of the oldest US universities will build closer links with the University of Debrecen.
23 Sep
First Night at the University of Debrecen
The Hungarian premiere of “Brown Buffalo,” a play by contemporary Chicano playwright Carlos Morton, is to take place at the University of Debrecen, attended by the author himself.
22 Sep
Hello Erasmus
Incoming international students have been given a genuine Hungarian dinner-party and dance-house experience at the University of Debrecen.

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