Restorative Dentistry

In the first year students start their dental studies in Odontology subject, which deals with the development, anatomy and histology of teeth and supporting tissues. The other important basic subject is Oral Biology in the third year, which is the study of tissues, organs anatomy, and physiology of the oral cavity. In the third year students do their practice on dummies and make cavity preparations, filling techniques and new methods of the root canal treatment. They use the “Image Navigation” system with which they can check every step of the cavity preparations they make and can evaluate themselves. Then, in the fourth year students start the patient treatment under teachers’ supervision. There are special practices in the fourth and fifth years in which students use dental operative microscope, rotary and thermoplastic endodontic instruments with the help of highly qualified staff members. From the third year on, students have the opportunity to join the academic work of the Department and a good number of excellent research projects are presented at the Student Scientific Conference each year. The Department of Restorative Dentistry also has internationally recognized PhD programs, particularly regarding the subject of plexus.
The scientific interest of the Department involves the following interesting fields:
„Detection of salivary biomarkers by „omics” technologies in oral cancer and oral precancerous conditions”; Oral quality of life indicators in Hungary; Association between chronic dental infections and cardiovascular; Direct composite restorations; Microscope assisted endodontic treatment; Stem cells in endodontic; Effect of fluoroquinolone antibiotics upon salivary glands; Effect of obesity on the oral bacterial flora; The effect of the root canal form (straight, curved) on the quality of the root canal shaping and root canal filling procedures investigated by micro-CT device; Isotopic examination of hard tissues of bronze aged teeth;  Interaction of nickel-titanium alloys with human tissues; Examination of the oral and dental biofilm with optical coherence tomography.


Updated: 2017.10.30.