Periodontology is a special discipline of Dentistry that examines the supporting structures of teeth and the conditions affecting them. During practices students primarily focus on scaling and polishing, as the removal of dental calculus is a cardinal part of the periodontal treatment. Students also have the opportunity to observe surgical periodontal procedures performed by professors. The department takes part in the graduate and postgraduate education too. Periodontology is part of the curriculum of fourth and fifth year Dentistry students, while Oral Medicine is the topic of the fifth year. Lecturers and tutors of the department also participate in the education of other dental topics, e.g. Odontology, Oral Biology, Dental Radiology and Preventive Dentistry.
Two out-patient departments belong to the department:
Periodontology and Oral Mucosal Disorders. According to the complex therapeutic rules, besides conservative therapy it is possible to perform periodontal surgery as well. Possible general diseases can be detected in the background in the case of patients with oral mucosal disorders. The lecturers and tutors of the department are also involved in significant scientific research.