Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides maxillofacial surgical service for North-East Hungary, gradual and postgraduate education, and is involved in research and scientific collaborations. During their studies, dental students acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary for the proper and safe application of local anaesthesia and tooth extraction in the dental practice, they learn the diseases of this anatomical region, the symptoms and diagnostics, they assist during dentoalveolar surgical procedures, get acquainted with the association between dentistry and oral -maxillofacial surgery.
Patients in North-East Hungary suffering from oral cavity tumours, maxillofacial trauma, salivary glandular and many other pathological conditions are treated at the inpatient department. Last year, the treatment of disabled patients has begun in our special surgery, representing the highest standard of care system in Hungary.Scientific activities - strongly related to healing - are especially directed to the surgical procedures used in the reconstruction of damaged oral cavity structures and implantology supporting the prosthetic rehabilitation.
The Student Scientific Society offers students the opportunity to take part in research projects that later may serve as basis for joining the scientific or professional life.


Updated: 2017.10.31.