Christmas celebration

2016, December 17 - 13:45

The entire Faculty celebrated together the closing of the year 2016 on the 17th of Dec., on Saturday’s Christmas get-together. Unlike previous years’ traditions, this year’s celebration’s home-base was not in Debrecen but in Miskolctapolca at Park Avalon. Diverse programs, like wellness, go-cart, lasertag were accessible for the Faculty’s personnel. Before dinner Csaba Hegedűs MD. LDS, PhD, and Pál Redl MD. LDS, PhD were jointly commenting the previous year and acknowledged everyone’s valued efforts. The good mood rise after dinner in a dance and music event.

Before go-cart

After a well done lasertag

Csaba Hegedűs MD. LDS, PhD Dean of the Faculty (right), and Pál Redl MD. LDS, PhD Vice-Dean of the Faculty (left)

Staff of the Faculty, before dinner