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2015/2016 diploma work titles
2016/2017 diploma work titles



Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Adrienne Szabó M.D., Ph.D.

Odontogenic infections of the orbit


Perineural spread in squamosus cell carcinomas of the oral cavity


Salivary gland diseases


Etelka D. Tóth D.M.D.


Iatrogenic dental injuries in need of dentoalveolar treatment


Local bleeding contol methods in dentoalveolar surgery


Possible usage of laser in dentoalveolar surgery


Róbert Boda M.D.








Dóra Horváth M.D.


Lipomas in maxillofacial region


Treatment facilities in chronic bilateral mandibular luxation


Treatment modalities in frontal sinus fractures


Levente Czompa M.D.


Mandibular distraction osteogenesis


Odontogenic keratocyst


Treatment modalities of mandibular fractures in childhood


Enikő Gebri D.M.D.


Dental care in scleroderma- What should we know about scleroderma?


Dental management of patients with solid organ transplantation


Dental treatment of patients receiving allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation


Levente Lukács D.M.D.


Corticotomy in the maxillofacial surgery


MRONJ: prevention and therapy


Treatment possibilities of retained canines


Boglárka Skopkó D.M.D.


Four-handed dentistry


Odontophobias, fear and their treatment in dentistry


Patients with chromosomal disorders and their dental treatment


Adrienn Tóth D.M.D.


Guided bone regeneration in dentoalveolar surgery


Importance of systemic diseases in dentistry

Abel Roji Alex

Management of impacted teeth other than third molars


Orsolya Liska D.M.D.


Dental and surgical aspects of treating patients with special needs


Embriology, clinical appearance and treatment of non-odontogen cysts in the maxillofacial region


Possible treatment options of sinus perforation


New bone grafting methods in oral surgery


Rudolf Bakos D.M.D.


Surgical guides in dental implant surgery

Erik-Masas Boller

Tooth autotransplantation – a method to replace a missing one


Odontogenic infections of the orbit

Khakshour Hamed


Division of Biomaterials and Prosthetic Dentistry

Csaba Hegedűs M.Sc., Ph.D


Advanced technologies in fixed prosthodotics


Surface morphology and characterization of Ti implants


Zirconium oxide ceramics in dentistry


Tünde Radics D.M.D., Ph.D


Cementation of Dental Ceramics


Prefabricated posts and their application in dentistry


Custom made post and core restorations


István Lampé D.M.D


CAD/CAM technology in fabricating total removable dentures


Prosthetic rehabilitation of oral cancer patients


Impression techniques for removable partial denture cases


Katalin Bukovinszky D.M.D


Dimensional changes of dental composites


Mechanical characteristic of dental composites


Modern resin based esthetic filling materials


Tamás Bistey D.M.D., Ph.D


At-home bleaching


Intraoral scanners in orthodontics


Tooth whitening in clinical practice


Basics of Fixed Prosthodontics


Ferenc Tóth M.Sc

 SSS topics!

Lentiviral gene transfer in dental pulp stem cells


The effect of BMP-7 overexpression on the differentiation of dental pulp stem cells


Use of a tetracycline-inducible gene expression for the regulation of osteogenesis


Farkas Kerényi M.Sc

  SSS topics!

Effect of aerogel composites on differentiation of dental stem cells to osteoblast


Investigation of the expression of integrins in cells grown on different material surfaces


The effect of modified titanium surfaces on the expression of genes involved in osteoblastic differentiation


József Bakó M.Sc

  SSS topics!

Functionalization possibilities of Ti-implants


Scaffolds of tissue enginerring and regeneration in dentistry


Combined drug delivery in dentistry


Melinda Szalóki M.Sc., Ph.D

  SSS topics!

Application of SPR technique to peptide and dental allergen bindings


Application ability of methacryloyloxidecyl dihydrogenphosphate (MDP) monomer in hard tissue section preparation


Effect of gold nanoparticles on resin matrix of dental filling materials


László Póti D.M.D


Conventionally and digitally registered maxillomandibular relations


Diagnostics and treatment possibilities of temporomandibular disorders


Surface threatment of composite resins


Basics of Gnatology


Anita Pétercsák D.M.D.

Basics of technology of partial removable dentures


Basics of technology of total removable dentures




Márta Szegedi D.M.D


Dental aspects of autoimmun diseases


Dental aspects of primer and secunder immundeficiencies


Difficulties in clinical phases of total removable dentures



Division of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Judit Nemes D.M.D., Ph.D.

Illicit drug use and oral health


Stainless steel crowns in pediatric dentistry


Vital pulp therapy in primary molars


Gabriella Kovalecz D.M.D

Etiological factors of enamel developmental defects of permanent teeth in children

Newsha Nasseri Nia

Regenerative endodontics


Minor oral surgery in childhood

Leonidu Georgios

Brigitta Baksa D.M.D.

Dental aspects of Down syndrome


Fluoride treatment in caries prevention


Treatment of crown and root fractures of immature permanent maxillary incisor


Judit Török D.M.D.

Hemifacial Microsomia


Invisalign orthodontic system


Pierre Robin sequence (PRS)


Géza Vitályos D.M.D.

Functional appliances


Orthodontic bonding materials


Transversal anomalies and their treatment

Seungwoo Oh

Viktória Hegedűs D.M.D.

Appliances for distalisation in the orthodontics


Fix functional appliances in the orthodontics





Division of Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Bágyi Kinga


Laser activated irrigation


Microscope in dentistry


Obstruction of root canal


Dr. Balogh Bettina


Photopolymerization lamps, photopolymerization of the composite filling


Temporary filling materials in restorative dentistry


Etiology of dental erosion-extrinsic factors


Dr. Juhász Alexander


Different motions of rotary instruments


Endodontic microsurgery


Revolutionary sealers in endodontics


Dr. Kelentey Barna


History of composite filling


Types of caries and filling techniques in aged people


History of dental drills


Dr. Marincsák Rita


Modern concepts of rubber dam isolation


Evaluation of different matrix bands


TRIP around the oral cavity


Modern concepts of rubber dam isolation


Dr. Martos Renáta


Dental erosion

Loay Makhoul

Up to date matrix systems

Shivangi Jennika Patel

Bulk fil versus layering technic in direct build-ups

Amir Payam

Dr. Nagy László


Endodontic treatment in case of special root canal morfology


Endodontic consideration in the elderly

Chling Hoang My

Methods and instruments of root canal filling removal


Dr. Skaliczki Mariann


Modern pulp sensitivity tests


Comparative assessment of modern rootcanal obturation technics


Irrigation protocols in endodontics


Dr. Tóth Enikő


Chlorine dioxide in dentistry


Iatrogenic root perforations and treatment possibilities 

Mayon Haresh Patel

Root canal irrigant agitation techniques -ultrasonic instruments



Division of Periodontology

István Varga D.M.D., Ph.D.

Gingiva recession and root caries in the aging population

Sara Khandan

Microsurgical techniques in regenerative periodontal therapy

Lavochnik Michal

Periodontal tissue engineering

Shahrzad Khajehzadeh

János Angyal D.M.D., Ph.D.

Dental radiography in pediatric dentistry


Geriatric periodontology


Radiation protection in dental radiology


Eszter Szentléleky D.M.D.

Periodontal splinting


The role of prevention in periodontology

Anastasia Gnilova

When should you refer a patient to a periodontist